Open-Soucing Java

Sun似乎加快了其开源的步伐,终于下定决心了?Sun的CEO Jonathan Schwartz同志在Oracle OpenWorld大会上表示,Sun公司将会在30到60天内公布Java平台的开源计划。这比原来Rich Green宣布的,Sun将在今年开始并持续到07,部分开源Java的时间表明确了许多许多——可不要学vista跳票。

Schwartz还表示,Sun非常有可能采用CDDL(Community Development and Distribution License)来控制Java的开发。采用这个License并不出乎意料,因为先前Sun开源的Solaris和Glassfish也都采用了这个继承自MPL( Mozilla Public License)的License。

在Geir Magnusson同学(Apache Haromny项目的老大)的博"blogged on Sun's possible use" 上早就对Sun可能会采用的License进行了讨论:

What license will Sun use? This has been and will be a source of rampant speculation. Sun needs to balance two things - dealing with their darkest fears around compatibility with the need for a licensing regime in which all players can innovate and control their own IP. Clearly the GPL won't do. While I am a big fan of the Apache License and the full freedom it offers, I can live with the CDDL and other soft-copyleft licenses. At least then, people could invest in innovation, and choose how they wished to license the IP for the things they created that were truly new...